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Business Development Manager

Port Klang, Selangor, Malaysia

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

To oversee the smooth operations of the Business Development Department, including but not limited to;

1. Function as the contact person/liaison for all customer inquiries.
2. Analyse and subsequently coordinate appropriate responses from related departments, making sure that all responses/actions/replies to customer request/problems/complaints are carried out promptly and to the satisfaction of the customer concerned.
3. Maintain and build up good rapport & close working relationship with all customers through frequent contacts/discussions/email exchanges etc, with the view that substantial new business can be generated through our network of satisfied customers.
4. Actively, increase sales for the company, while bearing in mind the current resources available and the parameter constraints therein.
5. To provide general management and leadership skills so as to be able to inculcate and nurture a corporate culture of excellence among all employees in the company.


  • Diploma/Degree in Business Administration or Marketing.

  • Minimum 5 of years experience in Sales/Marketing.

  • Minimum 5 of years experience in Logistics.

  • Excellent interpersonal skills with leadership quality.

  • Proficient in oral and written communication skills.

  • Independent and self-motivated.

About the Company

Muhibbah was incorporated in 1982. Back then, it was a small start-up with a skeleton crew of 3 staff. Over the years, our dedication and impeccable service has allowed us to stake our place amongst the key freight forwarders in the country. Today, Muhibbah is a thriving venture with a staff count of more than seventy experienced and highly motivated workforce.

We are a forward looking logistics solution provider with an indomitable pioneering spirit to innovate ever since we started business almost 40 years ago. We have earned our reputation as being extremely reliable through our sustained consistent service excellence. We have always thrived on our strong entrepreneurial spirit and speed of response towards meeting customer needs. 

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